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Warranty & Care Instructions

All our products have been designed and manufactured from quality materials and workmanship, with care and attention to detail.

You owe a duty of care in looking after your outdoor furniture. As Australia has the most severe Ultra Violet light rays in the world, and as this U.V. light is the major cause of outside environmental damage to your furniture, to keep your furniture beautiful for as long as possible, we recommend that when not in use, furniture should be appropriately covered or stored away from the sun. Heavy duty protective covers are available from our store.

Given the exclusions below, our suppliers will repair or replace at their option, items or parts which fail within the periods below from the date of purchase. The suppliers reserve the right to substitute similar items should the colour or model in question be no longer available. Replacement will be for the failed item only and not for a complete setting if these circumstances occur.

A DATED RECEIPT must be produced for any warranty claim. The item must be returned to the place of purchase. Warranty does not apply to commercial applications and please note that any departure from our recommendations on care and cleaning, or any evidence of misuse or damage from wear and tear, will void all claims.

If your product purchased from us does not come up to our standards, the following warranties will apply.

Our stone tables are made of travertine and or marble, being mainly mined from quarries in China and Europe.

Travertine Stone is formed from geothermal springs. Rich deposits of aged, dried and hardened stone were first mined by the Romans for building. The largest of these buildings constructed from travertine is the Colosseum in Rome, as well as famous buildings, such as the Sacre-Coeur Basilica in Paris.

The stone is characterized by pitted holes and troughs in its surface, thus filling is usually needed to smooth the surface. All our tables have been filled with some epoxy filler.

Marble Stone is a changed form of limestone. It too has been mined for centuries as a building material. The Taj Mahal, a world famous monument is made of marble. Marble is also a chosen stone for statues.

Both stones are used in our tables as they are inherently strong, stable and hardwearing. Both stones, by their nature, can also be highly polished to help highlight their colour variations as well as helping to seal their surfaces.

Stone is a natural product and will change and age in time which is all part of the beauty of our tables. Over time the stone will fade in colour, staining of the surface may appear and surface cracks if not already visible at time of purchase may also appear.

These are not faults of the product but only part of the aging process. Our tables are structurally unconditionary guaranteed for 5 years, 3 year Manufacturers warranty, 2 year extended Ellis Outdoor Living warranty. As the stone is adhered to a metal table top base, small cracks do not affect the structure of the table.

With a little bit of maintenance - cleaning of your table as well as re-sealing it after a period of time - (to test, pour a small amount of water onto the table and see if the water still beads), your table will still be looking great in years to come.

Since any stone table is susceptible to staining, it is advisable to clean any spills straight away, especially acid based liquids and foods such as wine and coffee. If staining does occur, you can go to www.aquamix.com.au and then to "Problem Solver" area and choose the correct cleaning solution which should fix your problem.

Please note, staining of table tops are not covered by our warranties.

NEVER use abrasive or acid based products to clean and always rinse with water and dry.

As our tables are factory sealed with Aquamix sealers and enhancers, we recommend www.aquamix.com.au to keep preserving the beauty and durability of your stone table with their range of sealers and cleaners. Without a sealer, stone will stain almost instantly. Sealers, although not impenetrable, work by providing reaction time to enable you to remove the contaminant. We use and recommend Aquamix Sealers Choice Gold. Rejuvenating faded stone with an enhancing Sealer will help bring back the stones original colours. We use and recommend Aquamix Brilliance or for a better result Enrich'N'Seal

Last but not least, all our tables are handmade. Thus no table is the same, no stone piece, the same.

You truly have a beautiful and unique product, timeless and ageless, that will stand the test of time.

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