Fact Sheets - Luxor Wicker Chairs & Table

Warranty & Care Instructions

All our products have been designed and manufactured from quality materials and workmanship, with care and attention to detail.

You owe a duty of care in looking after your outdoor furniture. As Australia has the most severe Ultra Violet light rays in the world, and as this U.V. light is the major cause of outside environmental damage to your furniture, to keep your furniture beautiful for as long as possible, we recommend that when not in use, furniture should be appropriately covered or stored away from the sun. Heavy duty protective covers are available from our store.

Given the exclusions below, our suppliers will repair or replace at their option, items or parts which fail within the periods below from the date of purchase. The suppliers reserve the right to substitute similar items should the colour or model in question be no longer available. Replacement will be for the failed item only and not for a complete setting if these circumstances occur.

A DATED RECEIPT must be produced for any warranty claim. The item must be returned to the place of purchase. Warranty does not apply to commercial applications and please note that any departure from our recommendations on care and cleaning, or any evidence of misuse or damage from wear and tear, will void all claims.

If your product purchased from us does not come up to our standards, the following warranties will apply.

The warranty applies to all P.E. synthetic wicker chairs, sofas, lounge settings, sun loungers, and tables for 3 years from the date of purchase for colour fading and wicker degradation. The warranty also applies to aluminium frames for 3 years from the date of purchase for structural and manufacturing faults.

To care for wicker, wash with a soft brush and using a bucket, mix ½ cup of mild detergent and  apply to the wicker with the soft brush, before hosing off thoroughly with water to remove residue.

Glass table tops are warranted for 2 years against manufacturing defects. This does not cover acts of misuse, neglect, acts of god or accident. Avoid scratching, striking and placing heavy weight on table top as well as extremely hot items directly on to the glass surface. Even thought the glass used is toughened or tempered glass which increases the strength greatly, it is more important when glass breakage occurs as the glass breaks into relatively safe granules. Care must still be taken when this happens.

Vinyl upholstered fabric on chairs, loungers, sofa’s etc, is covered for manufacturing faults and defects for 2 years, 1 year on stitching. Colour fading of vinyl is not covered and care should be taken not to leave out in direct sun for extended periods of time.(Please note, this fabric is U.V resistant and very water resistant as it is used extensively  on boats and yachts and with its cream colour, should stand the test of time.) Periodically, brush off dirt and dust from vinyl covering. If soiled, sponge lightly with a mild solution of soap or detergent in warm water.  For stubborn marks use a vinyl cleaner. DO NOT bleach.

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