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It is the heart and soul of why Weber BBQ's are legendary. The signature Weber flavour, perfected over 65 years, is the product of a cooking system that has been designed to capture and then circulate smoke around the food.

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Why Buy From Ellis'?

Because we only want to sell the best BBQ and the best BBQ brand in the world! When you shop at either our WeberSTORE in Nunawading or our Weber Specialist BBQ store in Balwyn, you will only find we sell Weber BBQs and accessories, together with our unparalleled knowledge and service that only we, a completely dedicated Weber Specialist can give.

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New Weber Outdoor Electric BBQs

The new revolutionary PULSE range of ELECTRIC bbqs. Ushering in a new era of barbecuing, the PULSE range fuses everything you need from a traditional bbq, including that Weber flavour, as the PULSE imparts amazing barbecue flavour by circulating smoke under its lid with the simplicity and convenience of electrical power. The PULSE range is uniquely intergrated with Webers amazing iGrill smart technology. You can now accurately measure the grilling temperature, as well as track the progress of your food as it cooks to perfection through the iGrill app on your smart phone. The PULSE is available in two sizes, the compact PULSE 1000 and the larger PULSE 2000 with its two heat zones.

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Weber Q Specialist BBQ Range

“The BBQ that Took Australia by Storm”!!! “The most versatile, Brilliant BBQ ever invented” The compact, contemporary designed but powerful BBQ range, Grills, Roasts and Bakes, any-where, any time. Baby Q 1200. Its size gives you total flexibility to take this BBQ any-where. Q2200. It is really a hybrid, because it is big enough for every day family use, and small enough to take away with you away from home. Family Q3200. Its large cooking capacity makes this model great to have at home on the balcony or in the back yard.

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Weber Spirit II Specialist BBQ Range

Whether its the Spirits stream-line design with its gleaming black porcelain enamel lid and stainless steel work shelves or its world class Weber flavorizing cooking system that Weber is famous for, the Spirit is a perfect BBQ for all outdoor areas. The Spirit II delivers Weber famous BBQ flavour, whether you are grilling, baking or roasting.

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New Weber Genesis 11 Specialist BBQ Range

The new Genesis 11 range of BBQ was born out of the common frustrations of other BBQ brands. From inconsistent ignition to uneven heat across the burners, to flare ups and fat fires, problems that are now a thing of the past with the new Genesis GS4 cooking system. The four components of the GS4 cooking system resolves all of these flaws and delivers sensational food with incredible flavours. 1/ GS4 Burners are tapered to deliver a constant pressure of gas along the entire burner, creating perfectly even heat distribution. 2/ GS4 Infinity Ignition, the most durable & consistent ignition ever made in a gas BBQ, guaranteed to light up first time, every time! 3/ GS4 Flavorizer Bars, is one of Webers’ original innovations. The angled steel ‘V’ bars that sit above the burners, allow fat and juices to fall safely past the burners to stop the risk of flare ups. These fats & juices then hit the flavorizer Bars, creating smoke that flavours the food, imparting that delightful BBQ taste. 4/ GS4 Fat Management System, guides the excess fat and debris away from the heat of the burners & into a disposable drip tray centred below the cooking area, dramatically reducing the chances of a fat fire.

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Weber Summit Specialist BBQ Range

“The Holy Grail of BBQs” Its Brilliant Styling and Superb Finish Makes All Other BBQS ordinary! Lift the Roll-In Lid and Feel and See the Commercial Quality that is the Summit. From Webers’ unique and brilliant Cooking System to the ‘Tuck-Away’ Rotisserie motor; to the Light-Up Control Knobs; to the Smoker Box with its own individual burner; to the Sear Station with its intense heat; to the Rotisserie with its own Infrared burner and to the large Side Burner, this BBQ has the lot!

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Weber Charcoal Specialist BBQ Range

“An Australian Icon” The fist BBQ that introduced to the world, Webers’ indirect cooking system, allowing BBQ users not just the opportunity to grill, but to roast, delivering Webers delicious BBQ flavour. Even now, the incredible flavours of these BBQ roasts still distinguishes the Weber Kettle from all the other BBQs still being sold. How does indirect cooking work?? The fire box is split into two parts, with a disposable drip tray in the middle. The fat from the meat falls thru the grill into the tray below, giving you fat free roasts without any fat flare-ups. This is called indirect cooking because the food is cooked using natural convection without any direct fire underneath. There is no need to turn the meat as the hot air and smoke circulates around the meat, flavouring the meat with that special delicious BBQ flavour.

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Weber Accessory Range

Modular Weber Outdoor Kitchen Range

Intergrate your Weber BBQ into an outdoor kitchen, with the SustainaPod pre-assembled outdoor kitchen system. The range is designed exclusively for the Weber Baby Q, Weber Q, Family Q built-in model and the Summit range of built-in models. Sized to fit on either your patio, balcony or outdoor entertaining area, the SustainaPod can be customised with mix n match cabinet and benchtop colours and can include outdoor sinks and fridges. The Pods are completely Weather and UV resistant, easy-to-install and require little or no maintenance. Proudly Made in Victoria!

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