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Our special relationship with Weber goes back over 13 years!

We’ve created two fully immersive Weber Stores in Nunawading and Bayswater North for you to visit and experience – our Weber Stores are where barbecue passion and know how, hands-on experience, and our celebrated customer service come together. The full range of Weber BBQs and accessories are on display: the popular Weber Q BBQs, the premium Spirit BBQs, the new Genesis range, the top of the line Summit range, the famous Weber charcoal kettle BBQs and the latest Smokefire, Traveler and Pulse models. We can also help you design and install a complete built-in Weber outdoor kitchen for the ultimate outdoor living experience.

Need help deciding which is the right Weber BBQ grill for you? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to offer expert advice, or just talk about barbecuing. Join our VIP customer program to be part of our Weber family and enjoy exclusive special deals and VIP events.

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Traveler - The Ultimate On-The-Go BBQ!

The Weber Traveler is for anyone who wants delicious barbecued food away from home. Whether you’re camping, surfing, exploring, or picnicking, its sturdy, compact design makes for a seamless experience, from setup to storage. Feed the adventure with Weber quality food, no matter where the journey takes you.

FAQs - we've got you covered!

Great question – each of them has their pros and cons.

Many people love charcoal BBQs for the incredible flavour they can get on the food. Charcoal BBQ grills can get hotter than gas, which is great for searing and flavour. However charcoal grills need a lot more attention as cooking temperatures only stay consistent for around 10-12 minutes. Also, you do need time to get the coals going initially, so it’s not the best for a quick mid-week cook.

Gas BBQs are incredibly convenient: no fuel mess, instant startup and a very consistent heat output (which is why restaurants love cooking with gas). Our Weber Spirit, Genesis and Summit BBQs also have “Flavorizer Bars” that help add boost extra flavour to your food. Remember to cook with the lid down for supersized flavour!

On electric BBQs – our latest Weber Pulse electric BBQs are the latest in digital cooking, with precision temperature control and Weber iGrill Technology to get you the perfect cook. The Weber Pulse can get up to 315°C, which is similar to our gas BBQs. You do need to be connected to an electric socket, which could be an issue depending on where you intend to use it. The good thing is that the Pulse BBQs are portable, so it is very versatile (as long as they have access to power).

Our new range of Genesis and Spirit premium gas BBQsis the latest in not only digital technology but in custom fit specialised grillware to the the limits and inspire a greater range of cooking experiences on the BBQs.

Finally, for the ultimate cooking experience, consider the Smokefire BBQ range which delivers the best wood fired flavour by using wood pellets as a fuel and and the latest Weber Connect Smart Grilling Technology for controlled and precise cooking temperatures. Its 95-315°C temperature range gives it the versatility to sear, smoke, bake, and everything in between.

You may be interested to know that some of our customers have 2 or more types of BBQs for different cooking occasions!

Come chat with us – we love to share what we know, especially all the tips, tricks and recipes that make for a quick and easy BBQ experience. Our stores carry a complete range of BBQ accessories and even a Weber cookbook to get your started. We also conducting cooking demos and classes that will help you create food that gets rave reviews from family and friends! 

We completely understand – there are models that are best suited to different family situations, lifestyles and cooking preferences. That’s where we come in – we’re here to listen and to recommend what would work best for you. We can also demonstrate how all the different models work in-store so that you can rest assured before making your purchase decision.

Yes we do!  Our portable BBQs come in charcoal, gas and electric versions. The portable charcoal range includes the Smoky Joe and Jumbo Joe kettles, and the Go-Anywhere BBQ. Our portable electric model is the Pulse 1000 BBQ, and our ultimate portable model is the new Weber Traveler (click on the video above). For more info on each models, click on the “Portables” image above.

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